Breast Cancer Over Time is hiring a study coordinator for our new study. Here’s the job description:

Study Coordinator for Community-Based Participatory Research Study on Breast Cancer Prevention, Breast Cancer Over Time          

 About Breast Cancer Over Time (BCOT)

BCOT is a tax-exempt California nonprofit corporation created and controlled by breast cancer survivors and dedicated to supporting scientific research into breast cancer prevention.

 About Our Study

Entitled “In-Vivo Impact of Estrogen Exposure on the Human Breast,” our community-based participatory study is co-sponsored by BCOT and the CPMC Research Institute, and funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program.  Our aim is to better understand what role xenoestrogens (manmade chemicals that mimic estrogen, including BPA, phthalates, and parabens) contained in personal care products may play in breast carcinogenesis. BCOT recruits healthy pre-menopausal women to donate small samples of blood, urine, and breast cells before and after a 28 day “healthy intervention” in which subjects use only paraben and phthalate-free cosmetics provided by the study.  CPMC Research Institute performs comparative analysis of urine and blood samples and cultured breast cells for biological features related to breast cancer risk.

 Responsibilities of the Position

1.     Assist in community outreach and recruitment of potential study participants

2.     Screen volunteers for study eligibility

3.     Schedule study participant medical office visits for biological sample collection

4.     Assist in informed consent counseling

5.     Attend study visits to coordinate biological sample collection and transport of samples to laboratory

6.     Assist in assembly of personal care product kits provided to study participants

7.     Coordinate BCOT breast cancer survivor volunteers who support study participants through biological sample collection and healthy intervention

8.     Manage study database, including data entry and supervision of data entry by others

9.     Attend research team monthly meetings

 The time commitment for this position is 20 hours/week, 6 hours of which (most Wednesdays) require personal attendance in San Francisco medical office. Remaining hours can be worked remotely. Study length is two years, with biological sample collection during first 18 months.


·      Bachelor’s degree

·      Familiar with and supportive of community-based participatory research

·      Good people skills, compassionate, clear communicator, well-organized

·      Facile with Excel and Google docs spreadsheets

·       Savvy with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

·      Available Wednesdays in San Francisco

·      Not needle-phobic

·      Pluses: bilingual, familiar with San Francisco Bay Area low income communities

·      Women, people of color, and graduate students are encouraged to apply


·      $24/hour as an independent contractor

·      Parking and transportation reimbursement for Wednesdays in San Francisco  

Please send resumé and cover letter to Polly Marshall, BCOT executive director, at