Breast Cancer Over Time Steering Committee 2015

            Breast Cancer Over Time Steering Committee 2015

Breast Cancer Over Time (BCOT) is a community-based non-profit created and controlled by women living with breast cancer and dedicated to breast cancer prevention research and advocacy.  Our purpose is to support and participate in scientific research into the genesis and prevention of breast cancer, to promote understanding of the causes of breast cancer, and to provide support to survivors of breast cancer. 

BCOT operates an open support group for women in treatment for breast cancer and living with breast cancer post-treatment.  Participants are referred by local physicians and social workers and through outreach by support group members.  Support group meetings are conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in conducting groups, who is herself a breast cancer survivor.

In our support group, BCOT members engaged in discussions about why we got breast cancer and what we could do to prevent breast cancer in our daughters and young women of the next generation.   Over time, these discussions developed into a concerted effort of breast cancer survivors to take action to eliminate environmental carcinogens that contribute to breast cancer.   Discussions between survivors, advocates and scientists helped identify that a necessary next step in research on environmental causes of breast cancer would be to show cellular changes in healthy breast tissue resulting from common chemical exposures.  

In June of 2015, Breast Cancer Over Time, together with our research partner the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, was awarded a Community Research Collaboration grant (State of California cigarette tax funds) by the California Breast Cancer Research Program to fund a pilot study on the impact of reducing chemical exposure to the human breast. The pilot study is a collaborative venture between researchers, breast cancer survivors, and the study participants they recruit, through a combined donation of breast cells and voluntary decrease in exposures to specified chemicals (xenoestrogens) contained in personal care products.

Breast Cancer Over Time incorporated as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation in 2015. We hold a 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption and our California state tax exemption is pending.  The San Francisco Public Health Foundation acts as our fiscal sponsor on certain projects.

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