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Katherine "Tinka" Gordon 1954-2015


Donate to the Tinka Gordon Memorial Fund for Breast Cancer Over Time.


The Tinka Gordon Memorial Fund supports scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer.  This underfunded area of research is essential to protect future generations from the devastating impact of breast cancer.

Throughout her life, Tinka was dedicated to  helping women empower  themselves . Younger women, many of whom she mentored in the business world, were especially important to her. Tinka would be extremely proud to support research initiated and controlled by breast cancer survivors which offers hope for prevention to future generations of women.

Initial funding for the Tinka Gordon Memorial Fund has been provided by a $280,000 donation from Tinka’s life partner Arnie Fischman, matching a $280,000 Community Research Collaboration Grant from the California Breast Cancer Research Program. The research is conducted by Breast Cancer Over Time in collaboration with the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute.  Our goal is to raise initial funding of at least $1 million.   The fund is professionally managed by Tinka’s personal financial advisor at Moirai Wealth Management.

All funding furthers Breast Cancer Over Time’s community-based approach to prevention. This approach reflects life-long commitments shared by Tinka, her partner Arnie Fischman, and Polly Marshall, the founder and Executive Director of Breast Cancer Over Time.

Your contribution will make a real difference in preventing breast cancer. Breast Cancer Over Time is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.